At DAA Group we specialise in BS4142 noise impact assessments and have provided many clients with reports that successfully expedited their planning applications.


BS4142 is the official document which describes how a measurement and assessment of industrial noise sources should normally be undertaken in the UK. A BS4142 planning condition is often on the list of approval requirements for planning applications which will introduce new noise sources to a location close to residential accommodation.


The purpose of the resulting noise assessment report is to clearly determine if noise complaints are a likely result of the new noise source. In most cases where the proposal will lead to noise complaints, your acoustic consultant will be able to specify mitigation to enable the scheme to proceed. Often by re-positioning or enclosing the noise source.

Our consultants are well versed in the requirements of a BS4142 noise impact assessment and report to address the requirements of the planners. We offer a fast turn around time, provide sensible advice and cost effective service.

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